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Freelance project for Bmind
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Bmind is the result of the rebranding of "Take a Sit", an online psychotherapy service active in Italy. The main objective of the rebranding was to give the brand a new and fresh image, in order to compete with other established players in the sector.

The first phase of the process involved an in-depth analysis of the existing brand, taking into account the competitors in the market.
This assessment was instrumental in understanding the existing challenges and opportunities.

Subsequently, we developed the new brand identity, in close collaboration with the marketing department. We have chosen to change the name to "Bmind", an abbreviation of "Be mindful", to communicate the importance of awareness in the practice of psychotherapy.

We also designed a representative logo, selected consistent colors and typography, and created visuals that reflect the desired image for the brand. These elements have been implemented across all communication channels, including the website and social media profiles.

The culminating phase was the design and development of the Landing Page, which represents the new identity of Bmind. The site was designed to offer intuitive navigation, providing clear information on the service offered and creating an engaging experience for users.

Competitor analysis

After a careful analysis of competitors in the psychology services sector, we can draw some significant conclusions for our brand:

• Differentiation: the analysis further underlined the importance of differentiating ourselves from other brands on the market as many competitors offer similar services and use common therapeutic approaches. Therefore, it is crucial for our brand to effectively identify and communicate our strengths.

• Trust and authority: Clients seek trusted professionals when it comes to mental health, so we need to demonstrate our expertise and credibility. It is possible to do this, for example, by adopting the common pattern of showing testimonials from satisfied customers that highlight the results obtained with our service.

• Successful websites are characterized by a modern, attractive and intuitive design. Therefore, it is essential that our website adopts a graphic style consistent with the defined brand identity, using colours, typography and visual elements that convey a professional and welcoming image. Additionally, we must pay attention to the arrangement of information, making sure it is presented in a clear and easy-to-access manner for users. A visually attractive and functional design will help create a positive first impression and instill confidence in our website visitors.


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