Hi, I'm Davide and in case you don't have read the title in the Home or if you came here by mistake while you were looking for yet another way to make money through online trading, I'm a Digital Product Designer.

The tutorials on "How to make a perfect portfolio in 2023" say that in this section I have to tell a little about myself, so I'll try to steal as little time as possible from you.

Jumping back for a moment, I can say that my passion for design comes from entire days spent building Lego sets during my childhood.

I began to get interested in user experience when I read Don Norman's best seller "The Design of Everyday Things" during my bachelor's degree in design. From that moment I said to myself “Maybe my destiny is not to design restaurant menus This is what I want to do!”.

Continuing with my studies, I was able to take the first courses in service and interaction design which confirmed my interest in this area.

Once I got my degree I was able to put this passion into practice in a Startup Studio (Startupwhat? I know, I know... besides the doom of having to explain to my family that I'm not an engineer or an architect has also added that of having to explain where I worked. I'm sure Wikipedia will help you) where I was able to confront myself with the development of countless digital experiences.

After this short bio, I move on to the list of some fun facts so I fill the page and you can understand something more about me:

/ I love the world of design (exept the categories, every month I should change the job title)

/ The passion for design leads me to always read new books to expand my knowledge (it improves the quality of my work and home furnishings, it's a win-win)

/ I am a precise person, I always try to take care in the things I do

/ When I don't understand something I try with all my strength to get to the bottom of it, in fact I hate hasty opinions

/ Besides design books when I have time I started reading some Philosophy (I find it more enriching than American self-help books where you have to wake up at 4 am to conquer the world)

/ I practice Crossfit about 3 times a week, just to make up for dinners with friends

/ In order not to lose too much IQ during training, I'm learning to play chess

/ I'm always up to date on memes, maybe that's the only reason I'm on social networks

To read more professional stuff:

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"Me", oil painting on canvas, 2023

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