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Carrd (Website builder)
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Project length

3 months


Djungle Studio


The project Alfreedo consists in exploring a virtual assistance service aimed at simplifying the delegation of bureaucratic procedures, in order to give precious hours of the day back to users. The basic concept is simple: provide all the necessary information to Alfreedo and you will no longer have to deal with interfacing with the complex Italian bureaucracy.

For the preliminary discovery phase of the service, we decided to focus on a specific niche that we believe could particularly benefit from the service: expats.Is the service really attractive to people? How much are they willing to pay? What services are most in demand? Are they all really delegable? These are some of the questions we have tried to answer during the research phase to understand the desirability, feasibility and viability of the service.

In order to collect feedback and insights quickly, we conducted a series of tests using simple tools to relate to the user: landing pages, instant messaging services, social networks.

The information presented below is summarized mainly to highlight the development of the main interface and desirability test.

Mockup Alfreedo

Research and users' pain

The market presents fragmented solutions and the competition is mainly made up of players that oversee "stand-alone" vertical services (taxes, tax practices and incentives, insurance, etc.).

Furthermore, most of the institutional sites are not easy to use: complex information architectures are presented and it is difficult to quickly find the instructions to carry out the practice you need and once you have found it is very likely that you need the help of a more knowledgeable person to decipher the content of the information found!

Here are more helpful insights we found highlighting user pain (also found during qualitative interviews):

• More than 1 in 3 people experience problems using Public Administration apps or sites or public services.
Source: ISTAT 2022

• 40% of employed people declare that they have quite or a lot of difficulty reconciling daily commitments with office hours, thus not being able to carry out administrative procedures.
Source: ISTAT 2014

"So, can we think of a paperwork delegation service, where the only thing you have to do is provide the necessary documents and you can live your life without stress?"

Mmm... sounds good, let's start experimenting!


Experiment 1: Test VP

Experiment 2: Some adjustments



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