UX/UI Designer



Project length

3 month




Learnn is an Italian platform that offers online training with the goal of helping individuals and companies grow in the digital sector. It offers more than 220 courses developed in collaboration with experts and teams from renowned companies.

Currently, the platform boasts a community of more than 80,000 professionals and more than 300 companies that use its services for training and skills development.

The platform can be used via desktop/mobile webapp and iOS and Android smartphone apps.

As a UX/UI Designer, I was responsible for mapping the flows of the different platforms and finding the different areas of improvement to enhance the user experience. Shown below are various fixes and improvements regarding:

· Mobile webapp menu
· Mobile webapp overflow
· Player app and mobile webapp
· Gamification (in testing phase)

Every journey starts with a map (or User flow)

A rotten hamburger (Menu)

The menu had obvious problems:

· The configuration was not optimized for mobile (Once the hamburger menu was opened there was a sidebar like the desktop configuration).

· In certain areas the menu became transparent or in others it was possible to scroll through the pages below giving great usability problems.

In addition to the necessary technical bugfixes, the menu configuration was changed showing only the main items and when provided the secondary items were placed in a dropdown menu.

Overflow: quick fix, easy win

The header of the mobile webapp was causing annoying overflow problems due to:

· The widget that indicated the number of people connected conflicting with many section titles.

· The search bar was opening to the right at the touch of the button.

A quick fix was made by hiding the display of the widget and the opening of the search bar to the left by covering the title and thus focusing the search.

Enhancing the Video Player

For an e-learning platform, the player is the heartbeat of the user experience. While the desktop player had no major issues, the mobile experience was not on par with competitors.

By analyzing the strengths of leading streaming platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Domestika, MasterClass, etc.) and integrating these with our unique features, we achieved the following improvements:

· The main changes involved relocating key controls directly onto the video player

· Highlighting frequently used features like transcripts and notes to make them more accessible

· "hiding" less commonly used features such as error reporting.

Not only Fixes:
a sparkle of gamification

In e-learning apps, gamification plays a crucial role in motivating users. Currently, Learnn’s technical infrastructure is being upgraded to collect more detailed usage data. While preparing to transform this data into a structured gamification experience aimed at increasing active users, we decided to launch an MVP using the available data.

This MVP consists of a simple widget that will show users their positive streaks, along with a timer indicating the remaining time to maintain the streak, and a CTA directing them to the next lesson. If a user has not started a course yet, the widget will redirect them to the page with all available courses on the platform to encourage them to choose one.


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