UX/UI Designer



Project length

3 month


Djungle Studio


Owls Tonight is an innovative MVP-phase application available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Its uniqueness lies in its dual nature: during the day, it provides an experience centered around viewing the event calendar through a Webflow page's webview equipped with filters, accompanied by a countdown leading up to the evening's commencement. Once the countdown reaches zero, the app transforms into a lively nocturnal social network.

Throughout the night, Owls Tonight comes to life with a full range of social features. Users can capture fleeting moments through short 5-second videos, called "shots," with the ability to comment, like shots, and connect with friends. A distinctive aspect of the app is the transience of these shots, as they are automatically deleted from the system at the end of the evening, preserving the authenticity and spontaneity of the night-time experience.

The app's development process followed an agile and iterative methodology, with weekly releases and ongoing feature testing and review. This approach aimed to gather meaningful user feedback, shape the project's value proposition, and provide investors with an initial taste of what Owls Tonight can become.



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