UX/UI Designer



Project length

2 month


Djungle Studio


Spiccio is the service that allows you to combine condominium expenses, heating and rent and divide them into equal instalments! One way to avoid surprises, to be able to manage home-related expenses and automate deadlines and payments as much as possible. The project entered the selection process of the Habitech Italia acceleration program - an accelerator dedicated to startups offering solutions in the real estate sector.

After joining the team, my first task was to update the app version following the feedback received from a first group of testers following the release of the first MVP in digital stores.

Next, I created a demo flow that walks you through the entire process for a user to request a deferred payment. This demo was made with the aim of introducing it to potential financial partners. Collaboration with these partners is essential to integrate within the app the possibility of deferring expenses, thus offering an even more complete solution to users.

From MVP to First Version

The MPV of Spiccio app simply allowed you to set up a payment reminder for a home expense by entering the related information (IBAN, account holder, causal amount and expiry date) with the option to pay directly in the app via Stripe. It's not a bad start, but what happens if the amount, information or information is wrong or I simply want to change the expiry date? Nothing! It is not possible to modify or cancel the reminder.

This was the state of the art when I joined the Spiccio team.
The first task therefore was to remedy this situation by slightly modifying the flow respecting the previously created design system.

The payment expiry date has been added to the component in Home to have direct visibility without having to perform another action to view it, but the main change was the insertion of the "manage" button to directly modify all the data or delete the reminder directly.

This simple operation has improved the usability of the app taking into account the feedback received during the first MVP. The app was then republished in the digital stores pending new developments (such as the addition of multiple deadlines at the same time).


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